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Subtropical Jenia in 2009

Jenia Meng Zai

Tropical Jenia in 2016

Jenia Meng Zai

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My name is Jenia. Meng Zai are my surnames.


I live in Australia
and enjoy researching everything in the Universe

I am a scientist,
a philosopher
and an artist. J.Meng

I am philosophically Taoist, interested in all cultures, languages and religions. I did retreat for more than ten years and wrote a book about the Universe.

I also produced many world-class projects and inventions.

My current research focus on unity of science, spirituality and cultures. I worked extensively in the areas of data science and digital media (creative industry).


Height: 159CM

Weight: 48KG

Chinese Zodiac: Monkey



Contact Email:

I like making new friends


My Work

Some Organisations I Founded:

Academic Experiences

Titles aren't important, but I did get some in my truth-seeking journey:

Doctoral Degree (Specialisation: Applied Mathematics, Philosophy, Human Ecology, Biology etc.) - School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland
Master Degree (Specialisation: Data Science and Software) - Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Melbourne
Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Industries (Specialisation: Interdisciplinary) - Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology
Initiator and Principal Investigator - GAAS Global Survey, University of Queensland

Selected Publications

Click here download an introduction package of my projects, most files are images.



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