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Jenia Meng

Jenia Meng, Complexity

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My name is Jenia. J.Meng

Currently, I live in Australia.

If you are looking for ‘Marta’ (My user ID on Spanish Learning Network), ’孟佳’ or 'Meng Jia' (Pinyin of 孟佳), it also could be me.

I am a scientist, a philosopher and an artist. I was also an activist for a while. I enjoy spending time with children and animals and having intelligent conversation with people.



Things I like: hmm...Indian food and Middle Eastern music...


My current research focus on Complex System and Artificial intelligence. I am also working in the creative industry.





Contact Email:

(I don't use social networking websites)



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About me


Academic Experiences

Doctoral Degree (Specialisation: Applied Mathematics, Philosophy and Animal Protection) - School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland
Master Degree - Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Melbourne
Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Industries (Specialisation: Interdisciplinary) - Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology

Initiator and Principal Investigator - Global Attitude to Animals Survey, University of Queensland

Selected Publications

Some Organisations I Founded/Co-founded:

Spanish Learning Network:
Chinese Animal Protection Network:


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